No Regrets, No Doubts

No Regrets, No Doubts revolves around a 55 year old widow from Iowa, with a long background in law enforcement and the military.  She has never allowed anyone to make choices for her or to control her life.

She accepts a temporary position at the National Guard Bureau in Virginia, so begins an adventure that takes her from Iowa to Chicago.  There her entire life is about to change.  She again finds love and befriends an elderly man, which creates unexpected decisions.

From Virginia she travels to New York and is drawn into suspense filled circumstances involving those closest to her, and unexpected enemies.

She finds herself heading up a faltering international corporation, and it's up to her to turn it into a thriving enterprise.

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Love Favors the Bold

Trudy Kerns, a 65-year-old widow, buys five acres in the country from 99-year-old, Tilly Lockwood.  Tilly asks Trudy to refurbish an old brick building on her property, and turn it into a hotel with the help of a retired Navy SEAL, Jake Wolf, who works for Tilly.

Even though they have an immediate physical attraction, Trudy is still hurting from the loss of her husband and resists Jake's attention until she can no longer do so.

And together, they discover feelings and sensations they never expected.

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